Saturday, August 27, 2011


I know this is a bit off season, with it all being the end of August and start of Eid. This is actually my August test story. I liked it, and so did my teacher, so she asked me to type it for her. Forgive me if you think the story's not-so-great. I had only two hours to write this story, excluding the 15-minute period of which I went blank. XD
Enjoy. :)
The knocking on the door was getting louder and louder, each thump piercing Adam’s heart with fear. He cowered in his bed sheet, his hand clenching a dead phone as if it would protect him from the monster. All the boy could do was cry helplessly, and hope that the mahogany door would last through the night. The knocking stopped abruptly, filling the room with a chilling silence, and Adam with hope. The victory was short lived. A horrendous laugh came from outside, causing Adam to flinch. ‘Don’t think locking the door would stop me, little boy!’ The monster screamed. ‘After I’m through with you, I’ll have your parents for lunch!’ It then continued knocking on the door. Adam wailed, thinking of his parents. Mummy, Daddy, where are you???
What kind of parents would leave their child at home?
Adam sighed heavily, wondering when Mummy and Daddy would come back home. ‘‘We’re just going to the supermarket, dear,’’ he muttered under his breath, imitating his mother’s high-pitched voice perfectly. ‘‘We’ll be back before you can say ‘Rainbows and unicorns’.’’ Haha, very funny. He’d lost count of the times he said that phrase. Only after the 234th time did he realize it would not work. Mummy will about to find out the consequences of keeping an eleven year old waiting. ‘Let’s just hope the fire department isn’t busy tonight.’ he snickered in loathsome delight. He got up from the sofa, and ran towards the kitchen, searching for the box of matches Mummy hid from him.
Then a sudden train of thoughts stopped him in his tracks. ‘Wait a minute…’ Adam said. ‘I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s going to be Christmas in a few days’ time. I don’t want to get into Santa’s naughty list.’
Adam’s face lit up. He realized what was taking his parents so long. ‘They’re buying me Christmas presents!’ They probably bought too much to fit it all in the van so-
Adam looked at the door. Who could it be? No one usually visits at this time of night.
Cautiously, he tiptoed to the window and looked outside to see who the visitor was. His eyes widened in shock. The stranger’s silhouette was big, bigger than the door. And it was in a shade of red. Blood red. The hair at the back of Adam’s neck stood up. He would have ran away and let him ring the doorbell a few more times, but he could not help feeling he was someone familiar. It’s Christmas, surely somebody big and red would…
Adam put two and two together.
He screamed in delight, flung the door open, and leaped at the enormous figure. ‘It’s really you, Santa!’ Adam squealed. He tried to hug Santa, but failed to completely get his arms around the visitor. Adam let his eyes wander up and down. He felt there was something wrong. Santa’s eyes were covered by his red hat, and his face was mostly covered by snow white beard. What was out of place was his pale blue skin, which can be seen by his pointy, impish ears and his rough hands. The most peculiar thing was his long, beaky nose, which looked as if somebody stuck a cone on his face and painted it blue. After a while, Adam shrugged. ‘Oh well,’ He reached out a hand to the towering figure. ‘Santa’s still Santa. You’re a bit early. Going out for dinner, aren’t you?’ The little boy chuckled. Santa shook Adam’s tiny hand. Silence filled the atmosphere. Adam started to feel nervous and contemplated on shutting the door, when Santa replied, ‘… Yes, I was thinking of taking you for dinner, since your parents aren’t around.’ He lifted the boy with his hands. Adam broke into a grin. ‘Really? Are we going to the North Pole? Am I going to see the elves?’
“You’re going to be such a splendid addition of my Christmas Eve’s broth.’
Adam stopped. He grew pale. He tried to wriggle out of Santa’s grasp, but to no avail. The monster’s grip tightened, his yellow claws digging into the boy’s skin. He started to suffocate, and in a desperate attempt to escape, kicked Santa’s head when he smelled the boy, knocking off the red, fluffy hat. Both stumbled on the ground, and Adam could finally see what was concealed beneath the hat. A pair of flashing red eyes glared at him as he shut the door on Santa.
He dashed upstairs as the front door fell down and the wall crumbled by the gigantic being’s entrance. Santa gave a loud, terrifying roar, which can be heard throughout the neighborhood. And then he began his search for the boy.
Half an hour passed, and Adam was sure the whole house was wrecked, except his own room. And there Santa was, at the other side of the mahogany door, deliberately pounding on the door loudly to instill fear in the little boy. He knocked four more times before stopping. A long silence filled the cold air, before Adam broke it by letting out a sigh of relief. He wiped the tears that ran down his cheek and got out of his bed.
A cold, pale sapphire hand stretched out from under the bed and grabbed his feet. ‘Where do you think you’re going, boy?’ Santa growled menacingly. ‘Dinner’s almost ready…’ And as Adam was pulled under the bed, the last thing he could see was a pair of red eyes glinting in the dark.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Poem for a BLated BDay Friend

Hello there, people. Welcome~ :D This place is dedicated for my other works that I'd like to share. Even though it's gonna be crappy. ._______. Never thought my first post here will be 'bout a friend. So here it is. Let's just hope she won't find it. XD

A Message to A Friend

Wei Ying, Wei Ying,
you're so mature,
you're sarcastic, you're lovely,
your heart is pure

I bid you congrats,
you're 16 this year,
tried to find the perfect present,
but failed to, I fear

So I forgot to buy a gift,
go ahead and slap me,
but I'll promise to buy one,
just you wait and see

I'd like to thank you,
for being my friend,
And I hope this friendship lasts,
lasts until the very end

I know, it sucks, right? Oh well, it's from the bottom of my heart. :D